3 Reasons to Insulate Your Home this Summer

When you think of reasons to insulate your home you probably think of cold drafts, frozen pipes, and high heating bills. But insulation actually works in all seasons. Here are 3 ways insulation could benefit your home this summer:

  • Insulation keeps cool air inside and hot air outside: Your roof absorbs heat from the summer sun. This heat transfers into the attic space and can seep into your home from there. Insulation provides a barrier against this heat transfer and prevents the hot attic air from entering your home. In addition to the attic, insulation in the exterior walls reduces heat transfer from the siding and will help keep your home cool on a hot summer day. Insulation combined with air sealing will keep cool air from escaping through gaps and cracks in your home. Air sealing will also keep the high humidity sealed out.
  • There will be less strain on your air conditioner –  If your cooling system is having trouble maintaining a comfortable temperature, or if the cooling seems uneven in parts of your home, the lack of insulation could be to blame. With proper insulation outdoor air stays out, conditioned air stays in, and your air conditioner is able to operate much more efficiently. As a result, your air conditioner will last longer and require less servicing.
  • You will save on energy costs – An uninsulated home can make your air conditioner work harder to keep your home cool, which leads to high energy bills during the summer months. However, the energy required to keep your home cool during the summer is decreased in a well insulated home, which means less money spent on utility bills.

When you think of reasons to insulate your home think of Comfort 1st Insulation. At Comfort 1st Insulation, we work to improve the insulation in our customer’s homes all year round. We will work with you to improve your home’s insulation while identifying ventilation needs and moisture control. As a bonus we can help you find the best products for your needs and your budget. After the work has been performed, you can enjoy the benefits in every season!