Comfort & Air Quality

Because you deserve to be comfortable in your home. At Comfort 1st Insulation, we understand the value of having a comfortable and cozy place to come home to at the end of the day. We offer services geared toward fixing any temperature imbalances in your home.


Exceptionally cold or drafty rooms can be caused by a variety of factors. Air could be leaking in the upper levels of the home, which allows warm air to escape and unwanted cold air to be drawn in. Your home could be inadequately insulated, the ductwork could be leaking or imbalanced, and windows not adequately sealed.

Hot, stuffy rooms are most commonly caused by a combination of factors, some of them more obvious than others. The obvious ones include home solar heat gain (from unshaded windows) and rising hot air in your home. Factors that are harder to detect include small leaks through the home, poor attic insulation and leaking ducts.


Though each home requires a unique solution depending on the situation, our comprehensive energy audit will pinpoint exactly which solutions will have the greatest impact at the lowest cost. A home performance energy audit with Comfort 1st Insulation is the best way to determine exactly which fixes will yield the greatest impact at the lowest cost.

The combination of a blower door assessment and infrared imaging will pinpoint the drafts at their source, so they can be eliminated effectively, leaving your home cozy and comfortable.

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