Crawl Space Vapor Barrier

Perfect example of a Crawl Space Vapor Barrier
Example of a clean, insulated, and properly installed vapor barrier.

What is Crawl Space Vapor Barrier? 

A crawl space vapor barrier, put simply, is a combination of products to prevent and reduce humidity, moisture, mold, rot, odours, and many other problematic issues. Vapor barriers are highly effective at counteracting any condensation and or leaks that commonly occur in a crawl space. The crawl space vapor barrier will seal off the area, prevent air leakage, increase air quality, and keep the crawl space dry and clean.

If you have a soil, dirt, or gravel based crawl space, installing a crawl space vapor barrier is the perfect solution to protect your home from unnecessary hassle and spending. Want to know if a crawl space vapor barrier is the right choice for your home? Call the experts at Comfort 1st Insulation today! Call (833) 244-7283, send an email to info@comfort1stinsulation.com, or fill out our Request a Quote form.

What are the benefits of Crawl Space Vapor Barrier?  

Crawl space vapor barriers can have many advantages to improving your overall property performance and help to completely eliminate any uninsulated problems such as damp and bad air quality.


These are some main benefits of why you would choose to have quality crawl space vapor barriers in your home:


  • Vapor barriers, or encapsulation, increases ventilation and overall air quality while reducing air pollution.
  • Prevents unwanted air leakage and drafts
  • Provides pest proofing which means no pest entry or damage to your insulation
  • Reduction of humidity, moisture, and condensation which decreases the chances of mold and mildew
  • Allows your crawl space to be safely used for storage with no risk of damage to your property

Comfort 1st Insulation provides expert installation of crawl space vapor barriers

You don’t have to suffer through high utility bills, uncomfortably cold or hot rooms, or cold floors because your crawl space has poor insulation or isn’t air sealed properly. Contact the experts at Comfort 1st Insulation to receive a free estimate and free consultation today! Our assessors will perform a careful analysis of your home and recommend the best solution for your needs. We only use the best products and offer top quality services.


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