Home Energy Assessment

What is a Home Energy Assessment?

A thermal imaging camera showing where heat is escaping from a home.
Thermal imaging is used to find heat loss (in and outside of the home).

The Home Energy Assessment pinpoints trouble spots that cause comfort issues and cost you money. After one of our BPI certified auditors completes a series of diagnostic tests, we will recommend the best Insulation System for your unique home, a Home Energy Assessment Report, and a Home Energy Score Report from the Department of Energy.

We’ve listed the Top 8 Benefits of Receiving a Home Energy Assessment to keep you informed and aware of its importance.

What steps are taken during the energy assessment?

Thermal Imaging — We see inside walls

Picture from thermal imaging camera showing a poorly insulated area.
Thermal imaging camera.

Throughout the assessment, we use top of the line thermal imaging cameras to identify missing insulation which manifests itself in the view of our cameras as hot and or cold spots on walls and ceilings. These spots register as purple or blue for cold areas and tints of orange or yellow for warm to hot areas.

Blower Door Tests — We find drafts

A man doing blower door testing on a house.
How the Blower Door testing is done.

Blower door tests involve the depressurization of your home to measure the rate in which air passes through imperfections of the structure of the building. Through this method we can improve the efficiency and comfort of your home. Upon testing, we can find: locations of leaking air (drafts), AC/heating system efficiency, poor or missing insulation, and or problematic areas of your duct and ventilation system. 


Combustion Safety – We keep you safe

Gas leak detector being used in a home
Gas leak detector

Our goal is to keep you safe, comfort, and your home efficient so we utilize special tools to find gas leaks, and test combustion appliances for safety.

Whole Home Assessment – We investigate

Learn about your home and discover how much you could be saving.
We investigate six major areas to reveal more about your home and to discover how much you could be saving. These areas include: walls, windows & doors, attics, rim & band joists mechanical systems, and indoor air quality.

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We’ve also created a list of our most Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) and answers.

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