How Does Insulation Work In The Summer?

The summer months in the midwest can be brutally hot. On those kinds of days, we’re all looking for one thing: coolness. This is where air conditioning becomes our best friend.

On those hot days we want our air conditioning to work to its fullest capacity. But it cannot do that if the outdoor heat is trying to come into your cool space. Heat naturally migrates to cool places. When it’s hot outside, instead of warm air entering your home, rising to the top, and escaping to a cooler climate, the outdoor heat goes out of its way to enter your air-conditioned home.  

Why does it get hot in the upstairs of your house so fast? Because the sun is hitting your roof first. As the sun’s powerful rays hit your dark roof,  your house gains a lot of heat. What can prevent the heat being soaked up by your roof from entering your living space? Your attic insulation. Attic insulation will act as a barrier, keeping the heat from your roof away from the rest of your home.

Attic insulation doesn’t work best in its own, however, but rather with air sealing that accompanies it. Air sealing finds any tiny gap in your home that could potentially let in hot air from outside, wasting your air-conditioning efforts.

With both working attic insulation and air sealing, your house will stay nice and cool all summer long! Not to mention you’ll earn money through energy savings!

 Just as insulation keeps heat in during winter, it helps keep it out during summer. You don’t want to miss out on this comfort.

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