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Cellulose Insulation Installation in Rockford, IL

The thermal performance of loosefilled cellulose compares favorably to other types of low cost insulation. Cellulose is excellent at fitting around items in walls like pipes and wiring, leaving few air pockets that can reduce the overall efficiency of the wall. These characteristics make it a reliable, simple, and cost-effective solution for energy efficiency in your home or business. 

What is Cellulose?

Cellulose is one of the oldest forms of insulation. First widely used in the 1950s, it was originally made with sawdust, cardboard, newspaper, straw, and cotton. With the help of advancements in technology and design, it remains a popular insulation choice without the former high risk of flammability. It comes in either blown-in insulation or loose-fill insulation and can be utilized in existing or new homes. Roughly 80% of modern cellulose is comprised of recycled paper and denim, and it is heavily treated. The chemicals used to treat cellulose increase the flame retardant efficiency and pest control—they are not considered to be harmful or hazardous to people. 

We can conduct your cellulose insulation installation in Rockford, IL, as loose-fill (dry) or blown-in (wet). The applications of cellulose cover many areas of your home just like fiberglass: basements, crawl spaces, attics, floors, and walls. 


  • Composed of more recycled material than other forms of insulation.
  • Regarded by some as one of the most greenest forms of insulation.
  • Same sound reducing properties as fiberglass.
  • Increases the environment of your home to a healthier and energy efficient level.
  • The chemicals used to treat cellulose insulation provide mold/pest resistance and serve as a fire retardant.

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