Insulation Services in Rockford, IL

Our professional insulation services in Rockford, IL, include performing a Home Energy Assessment that pinpoints trouble spots that cause comfort issues and cost you money. We provide insulation installation, insulation removal, air sealing, attic restoration, fresh air ventilation systems, ice dam control and removal. Learn more about our professional insulation services in Rockford, IL, below.

Insulation Installation

Properly installed and effective insulation is crucial for a healthy home—your home might not be as properly insulated as you may think. Insulation will degrade over time and upon failure, poor insulation can result in a multitude of problems such as animal/pest infestations, temperature variation throughout the home, drafts, ice dams, and worst of all—high energy bills.

Insulation Removal

If the insulation within your home has been improperly installed, damaged, or lacks efficiency, we will give you the option to allow us to remove it. Many homeowners prefer to start fresh after damages from leaking, disasters, or even existing poor insulation.

Home Energy Assessment

Home Energy Assessments pinpoints trouble spots that cause comfort issues and cost you money. After completing a series of diagnostic tests, we will recommend the system that suits your home’s needs the best. We’ve listed the Top 8 Benefits of Receiving a Home Energy Assessment to keep you informed and aware of its importance.

Air Sealing

Air sealing is a cost-effective way to cut home energy costs by closing gaps which prevents air leakage— leading to a comfortable and healthy home. To put in perspective, every leak, gap and hole within a home, on average, equivocates to leaving a window open every day … all year.

Attic Restoration

Roof decking with mold from a bathroom fan.

Mold on the roof decking caused by an unvented bathroom fan

Just like any other part of your home, insulation requires special attention. Animals leave waste and odors that lead to the deterioration of the insulation in the attic. The odors alone can increase the activity of pests and other unwanted wildlife, offering the perfect opportunity to take advantage of our professional insulation services in Rockford, IL.

Restoring your attic to its original (or better) condition means a more comfortable and energy efficient home. We seal gaps, replace insulation, utilize or upgrade existing attic ventilation, and ensure the removal of other unwanted material or pests.

Fresh Air Ventilation Systems

Improper ventilation within a home can lead to a plethora of issues. We will test and examine existing ventilation to ensure it is doing its job. Having a properly installed and functioning ventilation system ensures:

  • No accumulation or buildup of pollutants.
  • Dilution / removal of allergens—dander, pollen, dust, and or mold.
  • Removal of odors.
  • Ventilates the moisture that can accumulate which prevents mildew or even mold.

Ice Dam Control and Removal

Ice dam control and removal services from Comfort 1st adds efficiency and value to your home.

An example of an ice dam buildup along the roof of a home.

Ice dams are commonly noticed as large icicles hanging from their eaves (edges of your roof) caused by a lack of proper insulation. Heat rises to the attic which melts the ice, causing it to trickle down to the eaves and refreeze which leads to buildups. These buildups can cause leaks in roofing, structural damage, premature deterioration to existing insulation, and rotting decking.

Prevention and removal of ice dams is crucial to the comfort, efficiency, and future value of your home. You can read our All About Ice Dams guide for more information. Contact us now for a free quote on our professional insulation services in Rockford, IL!

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