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What Is a Home Energy Assessment?

Comfort 1st’s home energy assessment in Rockford, IL, pinpoint trouble areas that cause comfort issues and cost you money. An assessment is a series of diagnostic tests which, upon completion, help us recommend the strongest insulation system for the unique features and needs of your home. We’ve created a list of the Top 8 Benefits of Receiving a Residential Energy Assessment to keep you informed and aware of its importance.

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What Diagnostic Tests Are Used During An Home Energy Evaluation?

Thermal Imaging — We measure energy efficiency

We use top-of-the-line thermal imaging cameras to identify missing insulation that manifests itself in the view of our cameras as either hot or cold spots on walls and ceilings.

Our home energy audit will save you money lower your electricity bill.

Once you have the completed home energy assessment, we recommend a plan for addressing weak spots and ensuring your home has the energy efficiency it needs.

Blower Door Tests — We assess air leaks

Blower door tests involve the depressurization of your home to measure the rate in which air passes through imperfections of the structure of the building.

Through this method, we can improve the efficiency and comfort of your home.

As part of the home energy assessment, we can find locations of leaking air/drafts, AC/heating system efficiency, poor or missing insulation, and or problematic areas of your duct and ventilation system.

Combustion Safety – We keep you safe

The goal of our residential home energy assessment is to keep you safe and comfortable and to keep your home running efficiently.

Therefore, we utilize special tools to find gas leaks and test combustion appliances for safety.

Whole Home Assessment – We investigate

Learn about your home and discover how much you could be saving.

We investigate six major areas to reveal more about your home and to discover how much you could be saving. These areas include walls, windows & doors, attics, rim & band joists mechanical systems, and indoor air quality.

What steps are taken during a Home Energy Audit?

When we begin any home energy assessment, our goal is to gather as much information as we can from you and then from your home. We use professional tools to test for air leakage and infrared cameras to see areas of the home that lose energy.

1. Visual Inspection

Insulation is often misunderstood as the sole means of energy efficiency but it actually functions like a sweater that stops a cold winter breeze. Insulation must work in conjunction with an air barrier to be effective. We inspect the following areas for air leaks, poor insulation or other problematic issues causing a decrease in energy efficiency:

  • Windows and Doors — cracked/missing caulking or weatherstripping, broken latches, cracked panes, and door sweeps
  • Electrical Outlets and Light Switches — rubber or foam gaskets
  • Exhaust Fans — gaps where the fan touches the drywall or plaster
  • Pipe and Wire Penetrations (Holes) — gaps are frequently left in walls where wires and pipes pass through
  • Recessed Lights — light fixtures are infamous for air leaks
  • Joints — chimneys to walls, foundation step-ups, and roof beams touching trim or drywall
  • Attic — holes or gaps in the ceiling around items that penetrate the ceiling (e.g. recessed lights, wires, pipes, and chimneys)
  • Crawl Space — same concept as the attic except through your floor
  • Basement — air leaks are common around the wood frame or block foundation. Air can be pulled in under a mud sill and rim/band joists

2. Insulation and Sealing

  • Non-existent or Poorly Insulated Areas
  • Attic Insulation
  • Wall Insulation
  • Floors

How Can Assess A Home Energy Audit?

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