What’s in your attic? The attic is the most overlooked area of the home. Making sure yours is properly ventilated and insulated will keep you and your roof more comfortable.


Essentially, you want your attic to be the same temperature as the outdoors. With poor ventilation, heat and humidity can build up in your attic and lead to a host of problems including:

Ice Dams

Modified ice dam

Ever notice a massive icicle?

If you see a build up of ice near the gutter or roof this is an ice dam. Ice dams destroy shingles and the problem should be corrected with attic ventilation, air sealing and insulation.   


 Roof Damage


A cool roof lasts longer?

All roofs wear out and eventually fail. However, keeping your roof cool with ventilation helps prolong the roofs life and prevent premature wear and shingle curl.





Attic have frost in the Winter?

Excessive frost on the underside of the roof deck is a sure sign of poor ventilation and insulation. Where there is frost and moisture, black mold is sure to follow.


Mold & Rot


Black discoloration on the roof?

In our climate, adequate ventilation is critical to preventing mold and mildew on the underside of the roof deck. After adding ventillation, air seal attic penetrations to prevent warm moist air from migrating into the attic and condensing on the roof.



In addition, a ventilated attic stays cooler during the Summer months and your home will stay cooler as well. The air conditioner will not have to work as hard and you’ll save on cooling bills. A properly ventilated attic will allow humidity to escape and keep your attic and insulation dry. When adding ventilation it’s important to make sure your attic has similar levels of low and high venting.


While attic ventilation is important, you should consider having your attic professionally air sealed and insulated for maximum comfort and savings. By air sealing your attic, you’ll prevent hot attic air from entering into your home during the Summer and exiting during the Winter. Air sealing isn’t just for stopping drafts and energy loss; it’s also a great way to stop mice from sneaking into your walls from your attic.

Together air sealing, insulation, and ventilation will increase your homes comfort level and give you saving for years to come!

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