Spray Foam Air Sealing

Why Spray Foam Should be Installed by Professionals

Spray Foam Insulation DIY

It is widely known that there are many benefits to spray foam insulation. That and the ease of being able to purchase the materials at any home improvement store, may leave people wanting to work on their own DIY spray foam projects. While you may be able to save a pretty penny by installing spray foam on your own, there are many things that could go wrong due to the lack of inexperience with the chemicals and their application.

For example, most people are not aware that spray foam is made up of two chemicals that require strict adherence to their ratios. If they are not mixed properly and in the right amounts, the spray foam will be ineffective and potentially harmful.

To avoid instances like the one above, here are some reasons you should hire a professional to install your insulation:

Safety: Professional installers have the proper safety precautions in place when it comes to working with spray foam, as well as the experience of working with it. Also, If your home has insulation that must be removed, asbestos and mold could be present posing a risk to your health. Professional contractors have the right equipment, know how to remove old insulation, and know how to install spray foam insulation safely.

Spray Foam Efficiency: Spray Foam can be a powerful sealant when applied correctly. But if applied wrong it will not make your house more energy efficient. Having an expert perform the job will ensure high efficiency of the material.

Higher Quality Installation: Spray foam contractors have the knowledge to help you make the best decisions about what kind of spray foam insulation to install, as well as where to install it. Not to mention, spray foam is a messy substance and can splatter in places where you don’t want it to. Professional installers will take the measures needed to ensure that the installation process is as clean as possible.

Overall, it is better to be safe than sorry and hire a contractor to ensure that the job is done safely and efficiently. If you have any more questions about spray foam insulation or need to know more about the services our team offers, feel free to contact Comfort 1st!