The Different Insulation Materials

There’s a wide variety of insulation materials that range in their composition and application. To have the most energy-efficient and comfortable home, you must understand these differences before choosing the best option for your project. For further insight on the different insulation materials, continue reading our breakdown of each kind below.


Fiberglass is a very common insulation material that’s used in blanket (batts and rolls) insulation and loose-fill insultation. This material is made up of extremely fine glass fibers that are woven or flattened, combined with resin, and made into a fabric. This makes for a strong and durable material perfect for insulation.

Mineral Wool

Mineral wool normally refers to two different types of materials: rock wool and slag wool. Rock wool is a manmade material that’s made up of natural minerals. Slag wool comes from the waste matter that forms on the surface of molten metal. Neither needs the addition of chemicals to be fire resistant—both already are.


This insulation material is made up of recycled paper products that have been reduced to small pieces and then fiberized. This product packs tightly into building cavities and inhibits airflow. Cellulose is commonly used in homes, and there are multiple ways to install or apply it.

Natural Fiber

There’s a multitude of natural fiber materials, including cotton, sheep’s wool, and straw.

  • Cotton: This natural fiber is made up of recycled cotton and plastic fibers that have been treated with borate. Altogether, cottons costs about 15% to 20% for insulation than fiberglass.
  • Sheep’s wool: This material is also treated with borate to protect it from harmful elements such as fire and mold. Interestingly, sheep’s wool can hold large quantities of water; however, if it gets wet too often, it can dry out the borate.
  • Straw: This fiber was often used throughout history for construction projects, but recently, some manufacturers have developed structural insulated panels using straw for insulation purposes.

These different insulation materials all work together to create different types of insulation used for a multitude of projects. If you’re looking for more information on insulation in general or if you happen to be in search of residential insulation services, we can help! Here at Comfort First Insulation & Energy Solution, we can help you with all your insulation needs. Call today.