Home Energy Assessment

Why Insulation Helps Reduce Energy Bills

Insulation is a fantastic invention that has kept people warm for many years. You may wonder how insulation works and why insulation helps reduce energy bills. We’re going to answer both these questions, so read on!

What Is Insulation?

All types of insulation aim to accomplish the same goal: reducing heat transfer in or out of your house. You’ll find a few different types of insulation available on the market, along with varying application methods. The correct kind of insulation your home needs depends on your house.

How Does It Work?

Insulation is a straightforward concept. It works by trapping little pockets of air to help prevent heat from escaping your home in the winter and coming into your house in the summer. The R-value is the number rating that lets a customer know how well a particular type of insulation does its job. The higher the number, the better. It also needs proper installation to ensure it works correctly. This explanation is why insulation helps reduce energy bills.

Do You Need New Insulation?

Most homes these days seem to lack adequate insulation. This statement is especially true if builders constructed your home before 1960. The best way to determine if your insulation is in good condition is to evaluate its type and thickness.

Look at unfinished ceilings and walls to see if they have insulation. Alternatively, remove an outlet cover and have a peek around the wall cavity. Make sure you turn off the electricity before you touch the outlet cover.

It’s also a good idea to pay attention to physical signs of improper insulation. Here are a few points to consider:

  • Are utility bills exceptionally high when you’re heating or cooling your home?
  • Does the temperature change from room to room?
  • Are there drafts? These could be a sign of leakage. Pay particular attention to doors, windows, and the dryer vent.
  • Do you have icicles hanging from your room in the winter?

One fantastic solution is to hire a professional home energy auditor to conduct a whole-house energy assessment.

Call Comfort 1st today if you need residential insulation services. We’ll get your home protected and warm for the winter months.